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Mayan Calendar


The Tzolíkin Sacred Mayan Calendar is a series of interlocking wheels based on the Venusian solar cycle, and the Earth's lunar cycle of 13 months.  Each Tzolíkin month is composed of 20 days.  Thirteen months of twenty days brings a total count of 260 days for a Tzol'kin year. 

Each day has a day glyph, pictured below, which defines the vibration (frequency) of the day; number (1-13) that can alter the vibration of that day, generating more or less intensity; and direction (East, South, West, North). 

The day glyphs and numbers rotate on their respective wheels through the 260 day period.  The current calendar, which began recording time August 11, 3114 B.C., has been used to gently assist us in aligning ourselves with the natural cycles of the universe. 

By utilizing the Tzolíkin, we may seek to come into balance with all Creation.  Its essence represents the unfolding of human beings with our relationship to Mother Earth and the Cosmos, and therefore allows us to fulfill our responsibilities as bearers of respect to maintain the rituals that bond humanity with nature and the Cosmos. 

The Tzolíkin allows us to keep sacred all Creation and work in harmony with the gifts from Tízacol uíBitol (the Great Creator and Maker) and Hunab Kíu (Giver of Movement and Measure).  Should you choose to meditate upon the day, remember, you are a flower blossoming in this beautiful and magical Universe.  Give thanks and praise to the Creator and the Ancestors.

The twenty day glyphs



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