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Tze'ec's Seminars are
bulletpowerfully insightful
bulletengaging, energizing, and inspirational
bulletperfect for groups seeking greater interpersonal harmony
bulletdesigned to provide participants with practical, transformative tools they can take with them to use again and again
Whether facilitating a teambuilding workshop for a group of corporate executives, or presenting a seminar on the fascinating workings of the Mayan calendar system, Tze'ec is an invigorating, engaging speaker who provides his audiences with practical tools and exercises they can take back to the home or office. His teachings improve mental focus and energy, relieve stress, and reduce conflict.

"It was inspiring and moving  . . . to experience Mayan culture, past and present, from Tze'ec. His enthusiasm for sharing his knowledge is infectious, and the question-and-answer section was particularly valuable."
- Dr. Ladislaus Semali,
Chair of Comparative and International Education
Penn State University

Popular seminar topics include:
bulletIntroduction into Mayan Culture with Question and Answer Session
bulletTeachings of the Tzol'kin Sacred Mayan Calendar
bulletMayan Science and Religion
bulletMayan Health and Medicine
bulletConcept of Learning How to Become Human
bulletDrum Painting Class and Ceremony
bulletCorporate Team Building Events
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