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Bridging the Gap Between Two Worlds

Born Dan Rios in Kansas to a family of Mayan and Mexican descent, Tze’ec is a United States citizen who grew up speaking English as one of his three first languages– along with the Mayan dialects of Qui’che and Yucatec. As a child, Rios was chosen by his Great Grandmother to receive the teachings of the Maya, and he has never stopped learning.


Carrying his love of spirituality into adulthood, Rios once planned to enter the Catholic priesthood, but decided instead to fully embrace his spiritual roots and accept the name Tze’ec, which means “one who dwells in both realms.”

Tze’ec has been many things—a professional dancer, recording artist, illustrator, academic program developer, public television and radio development director, radio show producer, and indigenous teacher.

He has traveled internationally in pursuit of knowledge and experience, as both student and teacher. Now he is ready to present what he has learned to the world.

Alom Ahau Tze'ec Ba'lam (Tze'ec) is an ethnic teacher and motivational speaker who uses traditional drumming to engage his audiences. His dynamic presentations are instructional, educational, and highly invigorating. Tze'ec holds the distinction of an Alom, or Mother/Father and Timekeeper in the Mayan tradition into which he was born.

In 1993 Tze'ec teamed up with Dik Darnell to record his prayers and journeys in the Yucatec dialect on his first album, Mayan Dream.

Now Tze'ec has joined forces with David Nabinger and Gloria Kuhstos of Vision Entertainment Group,

  and multi-platinum award winner Mike Jackson to release the Quiche story, Journey of the Jaguar. Currently his music is featured in the Imax film Alaska and various indigenous albums and collections from around the world. In January 2001, Tze'ec's drum work was published in a medical journal as part of a groundbreaking study linking drumming to healing in cancer patients.

Tze'ec, which means "One Who Dwells in Both Realms", was given his name because of his unique ability to understand the relationship between the physical and spiritual realms.

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