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Welcome to The Mayan Site!

Many people today may not realize it, but the Mayan people are far from extinct! There are approximately three million native speaking Maya walking the earth today. Their amazing insights into science and spirituality have not been lost. In fact, the sacred teachings of the Maya have been quietly passed down from generation to generation, until a time when the world would be ready to accept them.

That time is now. 

Alom Ahau Tze'ec Ba'lam  

Tze’ec (pronounced T'zock) is an authentic Mayan Timekeeper of the Jaguar Clan who can trace his lineage for thousands of years. Now that we are moving through the final years of the Tzol'kin Sacred Mayan Calendar, and are moving toward the dawn of a new cycle, Tze’ec has been instructed by his teachers to bring forth the knowledge of his people. . .  more
Who are the Maya?
The Maya are simple, humble people who respect the earth, its creatures, and honor one divine Creator. Their ceremonies are formal prayers to "God", whom they call T'zacol u Bitol, the Great Creator and Maker.

The Maya are a very cultured society and celebrate a calendar and religion that has been in existence for over five thousand years. They do not have wars within their own societies, and do not sacrifice animals or people.

On this site, you can learn more about Mayan beliefs, view photos of Mayan people, places, and artwork, hear Mayan music, or schedule a seminar with Tze'ec.

We hope you enjoy your time here.

As the Maya say,
Xata Zac, Xata Amac.
(Only may there be peace in your presence.)

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